Why Travel...

I have been thinking a lot lately about my travel experiences, why I have this innate need to be on the move and what i hope to accomplish during and with my travels. Not everyone has a desire to see the world.  Not everyone can understand the need to experience cultures so different from our own.  And not everyone feels the drive and determination to constantly be on the move.  I am sure that my drive to travel is perplexing to some and perceived as crazy to others.  Questions from others about my wanderlust have prompted me to get back blogging and really think through my need to see the world.  

One thing is certain: Our world is in a constant state of change and uncertainty but the one constant across all cultures is a belief in our humanity.  Unfortunately, the stories that make the news are the horrible tragedies that occur both in our country and abroad.  And the ones that we hear from abroad tend to lead us to generalize about other cultures.  But for the most part, these stories are the exception and not the rule.  There are so many fascinating cultures, beliefs, traditions and people that share our planet and we can learn from everything that is different from what we experience at home on a daily basis.

But is this fascination the only basis for my love - no… my need for travel?  I think the answer is more instinctual and deep-rooted.  I love to learn and for me, travel is just learning on a more visceral level.  It is learning in context rather than learning from a textbook or video or lecture.  It is learning that engages my mind as well as all my senses.  It is also learning that forces me outside of my comfortable boundaries.  Tasting unusual foods, talking to those trying to make a living within their society, seeing habitats and natural formations that provide the basis for life, hearing the sounds of languages, arguments, music and the hustle and bustle of life… these are all inputs that help me broaden my perceptions and let go of expectations of how things should be.  Travel reminds me to let go of negative qualities like judgement, ego, frustration and focus on all the positives.

Travel can make you realize that anything is possible…  that maybe there is more than one way to accomplish something…  that one of the most beautiful things about our collective humanity is our individual differences.  Travel is a way to feel alive.

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